May Yiannis 3 may - Büyük Ada WS ile Nefes ve Meditasyon Kursu yoga'nın Tadına Varın!üper tutucu matÜniversitelilere Yoga
Healing Session & Open Healing with Patrick San Francesco

23 April 2014
The event provides spiritual energy healing services for physical, emotional, and mental bodies for those who request it. These services intend to support the individual in his or her process of becoming whole and naturally healthy. Light Movement is not a licensed medical practice and does not seek to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

Uma ile Nefes ve Meditasyon Çalışması

26-27 Nisan 2014
Uzun zamandır beklenen bu çalışmanın ilk gününde; yoganın önemli pratiklerinden olan Pranayama (nefes kontrolü) hakkında yıllardır biriken deneyim ve bilgisini paylaşacak. Katılımcılar nefes kontrolünde temel oluşturan teknikleri öğrenecek ve uygulayacaklar.

Yoga as an Art of Living in Wholeness and Realizing True Self with

2-11 May 2014
Yiannis’s yoga classes are deeply focused, but also fun, spontaneous, and appropriate for all levels of practitioners, as various options and variations of each pose are always offered.  Coordinating movement with breath allows for the detoxification of energy channels, deeper concentration and meditation, and works to elevate and balance his students’ energy. 

Learning to Concentrate in Asana Practice with Michael Saunders

3 May 2014
In this event we will learn about the blocks and obstacles that prevent us from being ''present'' in our practice. With correct use of breath and attitude we will aid our ability to concentrate and thereby increase our enjoyment of Yoga practice.

18:00 Vinyasa 1
18:00 Mysore Derslerine H
18:30 Mat Pilates
18:30 Vinyasa 1
Başak -Nişantaşı
18:30 Yin Yoga
18:30 Vinyasa 1-2
Ömer Ozan-Maslak
19:00 Mat Pilates
19:30 Yin Yoga
Nil -Etiler
19:30 Vinyasa 1-2
19:30 Kundalini Yoga ve M
19:30 Vinyasa 1-2
Zeynep 1.-Etiler
20:00 Kundalini Yoga ve M
20:00 Yin Yoga
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