AprilÖvül Yin TT 7-8 march Nisan 4 April-May 10 Mart -?ahika 17&19 April Abik 7 Mart Masaj
Emotion without Action Workshop with Michael Saunders

7-8 March 2015
Many times, when practicing asana or meditation, we release tensions or blocks that give rise to emotions--sometimes joyful, sometimes disturbing. There is nothing unusual about this nor anything bad. In this workshop we will practice acknowledging and observing these feelings which if not controlled, can bring about conflict within.

9 Steps to Unconditional Love and The Mantra Project with Nectaria

10 March 2015
The practice is both very simple and very powerful it’s the start of 40 days progressively chanting mantra. The goal of the project is to playfully yet firmly establish the practice in one’s daily life, bringing many benefits for the practitioner.

Ashtanga Yoga Introduction Workshops for Beginners with Pia Lehtine

4-5 April 2015
What is ashtanga yoga?
This workshop is an introduction to 8 limbs of ashtanga practice. The participants learn and deepen in sun salutations and the fundamental asanas of ashtanga yoga.

Inversions and Arm Balance Workshop with Sandrine Kamhi

4 April 2015
The workshop will begin with a dynamic and creative vinyasa flow specially designed to loosen, open and warm the body to get ready to use your roots and find the freedom to fly.

07:00 Mysore (BBB)
07:30 Hatha (Tüm Seviyel
Selin Gizem-Etiler
07:30 Hatha (Tüm Seviyel
Seda Musaoğlu-Bağdat Cad.
10:30 Ashtanga 1
Seda Musaoğlu-Bağdat Cad.
10:30 Vinyasa 1-2
Ömer Ozan-Nişantaşı
10:30 Vinyasa 1-2
Canan Akduvar-Etiler
10:30 Hatha (Tüm Seviyel
11:00 Yin Yoga (BBB)
11:30 Yoga Terapi / Yoga
Lale -Bağdat Cad.
12:00 Meditasyon / Medita
12:30 Hamile Yogası / Pr
12:30 Mat Pilates 1-2
Pınar Aygün-Nişantaşı
12:30 Hatha (Tüm Seviyel
12:45 Hamile Yogası / Pr
Lale -Bağdat Cad.
17:30 Üniversiteli Yoga
Seda Musaoğlu-Nişantaşı
17:30 Açık Kapı Yoga S
-Bağdat Cad.
18:30 Ashtanga 1 (Kapıla
18:30 Mat Pilates 1
Pınar Aygün-Nişantaşı
18:30 Ashtanga 1-2
Zeynep 1.-Etiler
18:30 Vinyasa 1 (BBB)
Gülçin-Bağdat Cad.
18:30 Yin Yoga (BBB)
Deniz Zambak-Bağdat Cad.
19:30 Vinyasa 1-2
19:30 Vinyasa 1 (BBB)
Seda Erkman-Etiler
19:30 Hatha (Tüm Seviyel
Deniz Zambak-Bağdat Cad.
20:00 Yin Yoga (BBB)
20:00 Çigong (Taoist Yog
Onur-Bağdat Cad.
20:00 Yin Yoga (BBB)
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